The cosmic race : Amondian 2021

Digital Ceremony in Opensea

The cosmic race is a portrait painting series that depicts imaginary characters about the relationship between humans and nature. She drew portraits of people who were born and raised in different countries and who work in the art scene. She combines characters and their favorite plants to create another race. Through this process, she tries to express a relationship with nature that can be a kind of conquest, union, or symbiosis.

This series of paintings was first exhibited in ‘DOPA+(plus) project : The cosmic race’, Palacio de La Autonomia, Mexico City, Mexico and was released along with her fictional text.
Dopa+Project is a collaborative project which explores the sustainability of collectives across borders by collaborating with multinational artists, researchers and experts in various fields. Through the cosmic race project, artists, an architect, a curator and critics from Korea and Mexico share their own interpretations of convergence and transformation of cultures, and various perspectives of “race”, “universality”, “exclusivity”, and “autonomy”. The aim of this project is not simply to juxtapose the colonial histories that non-western countries experience. Instead, it aims to transcend the locality of art in both countries by imagining the cosmic existence and envisioning how art can operate in a cosmic society.

Also, The cosmic race has been recently exhibited at ‘In pending waters', de Helena, the Hague, the Netherlands, where the work was presented together with a digital ceremony for reincarnation. It is sprinkled as pixelated images on your monitor as if it were in the sea and wishes for reincarnation.

Cinema 4D/ technical advisor @dailynokada

The cosmic race : Bromeliadian 
The cosmic race : Rambutanian
The cosmic race : Marigoldian
The cosmic race : Melocatusian 
The cosmic race : Cactusian 
The cosmic race : Grapian
The cosmic race : Sunflowerian
The cosmic race : Mirabilis jalapan
The cosmic race : Venus fly trapian
The cosmic race : Melocatusian 

The cosmic race : Sansevierian
The cosmic race : Cactusian

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